The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max have demonstrated a very high-quality stabilization system (in the iPhone 13 it is common to all models in the series), but the new Android flagships may receive an even more powerful system. According to the source, Xiaomi is working on a new stabilization system, and it may already appear in Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Oppo previously announced it was working on five-axis stabilization, and now Xiaomi is doing the same. Competitor Vivo and its flagship X60 Pro have an on-axis stabilizer, and it has already proven its effectiveness, but Xiaomi wants to go further and offer a five-axis system that will stabilize both the lens and the matrix.

In general, Xiaomi 12 is not credited with anything revolutionary right now — the models of the line will become the evolution of the current devices of the Mi 11 series. In this case, five-axis stabilization would help them stand out not only among competitors, but also among their predecessors. After all, conventional optical stabilization is already available in mid-range models like the Samsung Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72, but both sensor and lens stabilization are still rare.