Xiaomi often boasts that a device has passed the 1 million mark sold or pre-ordered. Xiaomi’s next millionaire is not a consumer smartphone or some kind of wearable device.

Earlier this week, the company announced its service strategy, which is targeted at other companies for the first time. Xiaomi even talked about the development of its ToB business unit, which was created back in January.

It turned out that Xiaomi has already managed to sell more than 1 million custom terminals to its customers in the new direction. This includes specialty phones and TVs, as well as tablets, speakers, and more. In fact, these can be analogues of consumer goods, but specially customized for Xiaomi business partners.

In the ToB division there is also a direction of intelligent ecology. In it, Xiaomi operates in five areas: housing, hotel, apartment, office and care for the elderly. This Xiaomi business already covers 15 Chinese cities.