Xiaomi 11T Pro is the latest flagship smartphone from the company that offers top-notch features and hardware. And now a new teardown video offers us a glimpse of the inside of the smartphone. A teardown video was posted to YouTube by PBKreviews, which disassembled the device to showcase its interior and evaluate its repairability. In the video, the specialist found that the smartphone uses a lot of thermal materials that are used to cool the smartphone. These heat trapping materials include graphite and copper. Upon opening the back panel, the wizard also found several screws that had to be unscrewed before getting to the main internal components.

The plastic cover over the cameras contains the NFC module, antenna lines, and a large strip of graphene film that can be found above the battery pack. In addition, the device has a dual battery design, and each module has its own connection cable. In addition, the channel gave the Xiaomi 11T Pro a score of 8 out of 10 in terms of repair, stating that there is no need to remove too many components to access the screen in case the display is damaged and needs to be replaced. In addition, it is clear that the Chinese tech giant has focused on cooling with abundant use of thermal materials. Quite an interesting solution that many users will really like.

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