Xiaomi launched the first MIJIA branded laser rangefinder, called the MIJIA Intelligent Laser Rangefinder. The MIJIA Intelligent Laser Distance Meter has only one control button, which can be turned on by pressing and holding it for 2 seconds. A short press starts the measurement, and a double press of the button switches the front and back reference points. One-button design makes it easy to control the device.

The body is made of light aluminum alloy and high-strength engineering plastic, which not only has a matte appearance, but is also more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. After a short press to start, the gadget can display the current length in real time. The rangefinder uses an accurate and stable second-class laser, whose range is from 5cm to 40m. The MIJIA intelligent laser rangefinder is equipped with double-shot and single-shot laser heads. The complex steps of laser calibration and data series display are instantaneous, and the accuracy of the data can reach ±3mm, which is accurate and stable.

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