Xiaomi continues to develop a line of devices that ensure the security of residential and office premises. Already on October 12, another smart lock from a Chinese manufacturer enters the market, using up to 10 security technologies, as well as the ability to quickly open the door using 8 unlock methods. The new device is called Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X.

The main advantage of Xiaomi’s latest flagship door locks is the 3D face recognition of the user when approaching the door. Also among the 8 ways to unlock the front door, the traditional password entry, the use of the built-in NFC module or the fingerprint sensor are mentioned.

The Smart Door Lock X features an AMOLED screen and battery life will be supported by a 6250mAh battery. The lock is compatible with HomeKit and Mijia smart home systems.

More detailed specifications and parameters, as well as the price of the Smart Door Lock X lock face recognition device will be presented on October 12 during the start of sales of the device.

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