Xiaomi has unveiled a new four-door Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross exclusive smart refrigerator, which went on sale in China for about $850.

Active sterilization system using positive and negative ions provides 2-hour sterilization with 99.9% efficiency. The refrigerator has 7 independent compartments, thanks to which you don’t have to worry about mixing odors. It includes space for mother and baby, beauty and health zone, wide temperature-controlled fresh food compartment, humidified fresh food storage compartment, extra-wide fruit and vegetable storage box, main compartment and freezer compartment.

The refrigerator received a system of silent opening and closing of doors. There is also a superconducting fast cooling plate whose cooling rate has been increased by 78.7%. The dimensions of the four-door Xiaomi Mijia Cross are 690 x 910 x 1920 mm.

The refrigerator measures the temperature 10 times per second, while maintaining a wide temperature adjustment range from 5 to -20 °C. The estimated total power consumption is 0.79 kWh per day, while the noise level is only 37 dB.

The Mijia Cross Exclusive Edition Four-Door Refrigerator supports Mijia App connection for remote temperature and mode adjustment. It can also notify with messages when the door is not closed. There is also support for voice commands with the Xiaomi Xiao Ai personal assistant.