The first Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold foldable smartphone was released to the Chinese market back in April and has remained exclusive to the manufacturer’s country so far. The information claims that the company is working on a slight update to the original Mix Fold.

It won’t be the Mix Fold 2, as it’s basically the same device as the first one, with just a few improvements. One of those upgrades has to do with the screens and their refresh rate — the improved version will have 90Hz on the inner screen and 120Hz on the outer screen, compared to 60/90Hz on the original.

In addition, a camera will appear below the display, although the company did not specify under which screen. There is speculation that it will be installed on the internal display, since the original Mix Fold did not have a selfie camera. In addition, the updated Mix Fold 2 will support 120W fast charging instead of 67W for the 5000mAh battery.