This will be useful even when turned off.

Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mijia Circulating Air Purifier, a new air purifier with an unexpected extra feature. It is suitable for rooms up to 60 m2, removing up to 99.98% of PM 2.5 particles. Thanks to the fan, it is able to improve the air circulation in the room. The fan itself is removable, which allows you to use it separately.

Photo: Xiaomi

The fan base can be tilted at 0°, 45° and 85°. By rotating, the fan blades are able to transport purified air up to 8 meters, making formaldehyde filtration more efficient by 29% compared to the previous version.

Xiaomi also promises that, unlike most other models of purifiers, in the night mode, the novelty not only reduces the noise level, but also maintains high efficiency, giving out 101.3 m3 of purified air per hour, and the volume does not exceed 35.7 dB (this corresponds to the muffled conversation of people).

Photo: Xiaomi

Even in standby mode, the device can monitor the level of pollutants in the room, as well as measure the temperature and humidity of the air. This information is displayed on a bright OLED display. It also uses intelligent algorithms to automatically turn on cleaning when indoor air quality declines, allowing it to operate completely independently.

The device will go on sale after the crowdfunding phase, which has already begun in China, at a price of 2499 yuan (28,150 rubles).