Although Xiaomi is primarily known for its smartphones, the company actually covers many other market segments. These are consumer electronics, robots, lighting devices and even personal care products. Today we will tell you about the most interesting Xiaomi products that you almost certainly did not know existed, but which you are guaranteed to want to buy for your personal use. This is not just an advertising slogan. This is what I know myself, because I have already purchased most of the gadgets presented in the selection.

Xiaomi makes not only smartphones, but also many other cool products

Xiaomi nail clippers

Yes, this is no joke — Xiaomi even makes nail clippers. Moreover, very good

They say it’s better to cut your nails than to cut them, but personally I can’t stand the sound and feel that comes with a file. Therefore, I prefer to use these Xiaomi nail clippers. They are good because they are made of stainless steel and have well-sharpened blades. Due to the fact that there are two cutting edges (some pliers have only one), the nail is cut very accurately without causing discomfort.

Price: 222 rubles

Buy wire cutters

It’s great that the kit includes a small plastic case that doubles as a nail picker. You insert the clippers into the case and just start cutting your nails. As a result, the cut fragments of the nail plate do not scatter around the room, but remain behind the cutting edges and enter the body cavity. After the manicure session is over, you just need to take the clippers out of the case and throw your nails into the trash can. And for those who prefer two-step nail care, there is also a file on the back of the pliers for cutting off uneven areas.

Xiaomi toothpaste dispenser

Now neither you nor your child will be mistaken how much paste to squeeze onto the brush

Brushing your teeth is a daily ritual that everyone generally follows. The only problem is that even many adults have no idea how much toothpaste to squeeze out to properly brush their teeth. What can we say about children who can squeeze so much toothpaste on a toothbrush at a time that it would be enough for a whole company of soldiers. This is not conducive to rational consumption, and you will not control your child every morning when you rush to work yourself. Therefore, Xiaomi has released a mechanical toothpaste dispenser that does not require charging.

Price: 374 rubles

Buy a paste dispenser

This is a small block that is attached to the wall next to the sink. It has holes in the top and front. The first is for the tube of toothpaste and the second is for the brush. You load the paste upside down and push it into the dispenser. Then, when you need to brush your teeth, you insert the brush into the front opening and push the button. The first button is for children’s brushes, and the second is for adults. It depends on how much paste the dispenser will give out. The paste does not dry out in this state, and the buttons are in contact with the plastic part without contact with the bristles.

Buy a Xiaomi kettle

Yes, this is not a copy of SMEG, but still a very beautiful teapot

The thermometer even has a probe, which allows for high measurement accuracy.

You probably know that when you renovate a new apartment, you want everything to be perfect in the future. So after moving I wanted to throw away the old electric kettle from Redmond and instead buy something more interesting, for example, from SMEG. Kettles of this brand are the best fit for my kitchen design, but here’s the problem — they cost 12-14 thousand rubles, which is prohibitively expensive for such a simple device. Therefore, it was decided to take an analogue of the SMEG teapot from Xiaomi.

Price: 3300 rubles

Buy a Xiaomi kettle

It turns out that Xiaomi produces classic-style electric kettles that are very similar to the products of the premium brand mentioned above. The line is called Ocooker (the name Qcooker occurs). What I liked about this teapot:

  • Very quiet (my old Redmond roared like a Boeing on takeoff);
  • The volume is 1.7 liters, not 1.5, as in most modern kettles;
  • Analog thermometer with thermal probe inside the kettle body;
  • Stainless steel body inside and high quality plastic outside;
  • The case does not heat up from the outside, you can take it with your bare hands;
  • The water in the kettle did not smell even after the first boil;
  • Hidden heating element to avoid scale formation.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp

Illuminated lamp is the best lighting solution

Let’s be honest: this is the best table lamp you can think of. I have no idea why all the other manufacturers don’t do this, but I’m willing to forgive Xiaomi for creating this miracle whatever. This lamp has been developed in collaboration with Philips so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the lighting. The lamp emits a soft white light that can be adjusted using both the built-in controls and the Mijia app to which it is connected thanks to its smart home support.

Price: 4100 rubles

Buy a Xiaomi lamp

Conveniently, the direction of the light can be changed by turning and bending the «neck» of the lamp. It is based on a movable element that allows you to bend it in almost any direction, directing light where it is needed. But the coolest thing is the backlight. Please note that this lamp also has an LED element on the back side. It doesn’t seem to be necessary. But this is not the case. This is very necessary. Thanks to this, it seems that it is not a table lamp that shines, but a full-fledged floor lamp, because a significant part of the room is flooded with light, and not just the table that you illuminate.

Buy Xiaomi slippers

Xiaomi has very cool and comfortable flip flops

I really love crocodiles. Even though some people don’t really like their look, in my opinion, these are the most comfortable shoes of all. However, the original crocs are quite expensive in their appearance: 3-4 thousand rubles. Therefore, you probably won’t buy more than one pair. But I found something that can replace crocodiles. These are flip flops from Xiaomi. They appear to be made from the same foam as the original clogs, but have a more familiar look and, unlike them, a more affordable price tag.

Price: 740 rubles

Buy Xiaomi flip flops

Xiaomi flip-flops are made taking into account the anatomical features of the foot of most people. There is a small pad between the thumb and forefinger that minimizes friction, and there is a slightly visible ridge under the heel designed to compensate for impacts on a hard surface. Remember how many times your heels burned after a short walk? With Xiaomi slippers, this effect will no longer be. Try it and see for yourself.