Xiaomi Mall customers have started to report that they have managed to purchase the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro flagship smartphone for just $110. They back up their words with relevant screenshots.

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What happened?

The Xiaomi Mall website has crashed. Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage is offered at a discount of 500 yen or $79. In addition, users can apply the coupon and drop another 200 yen or $31.

However, the store instead of a discount of 700 yen set the price of the smartphone at this level. As a result, customers were able to order a new-generation flagship model for 700 yen, or $110. At the same time, the recommended price of Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro in the 8/256 GB configuration is approximately $810, that is, $700 including the discount.

Some users noted that the store offers a branded battery or a 67W power adapter as a gift. Now buyers are waiting for Xiaomi’s actions and hope that the company still does not cancel orders.

Source: MyDrivers

Do you know that

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