The names of smartphones will become simpler and shorter.

Over the past years, Xiaomi has grown from a small, ambitious company to the largest smartphone supplier in the world, with many products and sub-brands. To make life easier for customers, the company previously spun off Redmi and POCO as separate brands — and now it has also dropped the Mi prefix from the names of its main line of devices.

This could be seen already at the announcement of Xiaomi MIX 4 — there is no Mi in the title, and this is not a presentation error, but a new move by the manufacturer. A company representative told XDA developers that new devices will follow the same naming scheme in the future.

And it’s not just about smartphones and tablets: the company makes a variety of types of equipment, from smart home gadgets to electric scooters. Most of them have the prefix Mi in the title, but in new releases it will be abandoned. The only thing that will remind you of the old naming system is the logo on the back.