Xiaomi is one of the few OEM smartphone manufacturers that also makes laptops. However, all laptops sold by the company run Microsoft Windows 10. As the Redmond-based software giant is now set to release Windows 11 in the very near future, Xiaomi has officially released a list of eligible Mi and RedmiBook laptops that will be updated to the latest version of the operating system. It is worth recalling that Microsoft introduced Windows 11 at the end of June — a few days later the company began releasing insider builds for a certain circle of people. And ahead of the stable release of Windows 11, Xiaomi has released a list of its laptops that will receive the update. The Mi laptops and RedmiBooks that will receive Windows 11 are listed below.

Mi Notebook Series: Mi Notebook Pro 14

Mi Notebook Pro 15 OLED

Mi Notebook Pro X

Mi Notebook Pro 15.6

Mi Notebook 15.6

Mi Notebook Air (8th Gen Intel models)

Mi Gaming Laptop (Intel 8th generation models)


RedmiBook Pro 14

RedmiBook Pro 15

RedmiBook Air 13

RedmiBook 13

RedmiBook 14

RedmiBook 14 2

RedmiBook 16

Redmi G gaming laptop

The rollout of Windows 11 for the laptops listed above is said to begin in late 2021 and extend as early as 2022. It’s also worth noting that this list only covers laptops sold in China, but in fact, the global version of the device will also receive an update around the same period.

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