On August 10, Xiaomi unexpectedly introduced the CyberDog robot pack, which is very similar to Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot. Xiaomi will release only 1000 pieces of CyberDog, the device is addressed to fans as well as robotics lovers — exclusively for home use. However, China has already come up with another role for the cyberdog — it has been turned into a combat robot. However, so far only stylistically.

The process of turning an ordinary cyberdog into a conditionally combat one is shown in the video. In fact, external elements were made for the robot, changing its appearance to a more aggressive one, and a couple of plastic pistols were installed on top. It turned out to be menacing and even more futuristic, but such a modified CyberDog does not pose any threat.

What is shown in the photographs and in the video is nothing more than a stylistic experiment, a kind of modding. However, it is well known that the development of combat robots is carried out in parallel with civilian models, and the appearance of combat robots like a modified cyberdog is just a matter of time.