On social networks, Xiaomi users who were owners of the original Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone share their impressions of the gift given to them by the company 10 years after purchasing the device.

Most users thank Xiaomi and personally the head of the company, Lei Jun. The source writes, further quoting: «They did not expect Xiaomi to give them red envelopes for 1999 yuan 10 years after buying the original smartphone.»

Recall that this week Xiaomi announced that the first users of the Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone, which was released 10 years ago, receive a «red envelope». In fact, it is a voucher that allows them to make any purchase in the Xiaomi store for 1999 yuan ($308). This is how much the original Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone cost.

At the start, a total of 184,600 Xiaomi Mi smartphones were sold and 370 million yuan was earned: Xiaomi decided to return this amount to fans. As of August 13, Xiaomi reported that it had sent out more than half of the «red envelopes» worth more than 200 million yuan.

Tomorrow, August 16, envelope owners will be able to use them to purchase or pay for some items, including new items announced this week.