We have collected the best backpacks from Xiaomi and its sub-brands.

  1. Xiaomi colorful mini backpack

This is one of the most popular Xiaomi backpacks, which stands out for its practicality and very low price. It is made of polyester and has one main compartment with a capacity of 10 liters. There is a small zippered pocket on the outside.

The backpack is available in six different colors, from classic black to bright yellow.

Price: from 611 rubles.


  1. 90FUN Outdoor Backpack

Universal option for everyday use, made of polyester and polyamide. On the front, there is only one zipper on the outer surface with protection against moisture penetration. Its slider is magnetized to the brand logo.

Inside there are two compartments, one of which has a compartment for a laptop with a screen up to 14 inches. The back is padded with a soft mesh seal. There are two color options: gray and blue.

Price: 2492 rubles.


  1. Xiaomi Travel Backpack

A more formal and functional backpack, ideal for short trips. It is made from durable and durable Oxford fabric that is water resistant. Inside there are two compartments, one of which is designed for a laptop with a screen up to 15.6 inches, and the other even fits a drone.

The second compartment has plenty of pockets for gadgets and small items. The total capacity is 26 liters. The backpack is only available in black.

Price: 3422 rubles.


  1. 90FUN Weatherproof Functional Backpack

This is a versatile urban backpack from 90FUN that is perfect for both laptop and clothing. It is made of polyester with polyamide fiber, which reliably protects against raindrops and other splashes. Reflective inserts are provided on the straps and the central external zipper.

Padded laptop compartment accommodates laptops up to 14 inches. The backpack is available in black or blue.

Price: 3700 rubles.


  1. 90FUN Energy College Leisure Backpack

Stylish model in a completely different design, made of Oxford fabric with four layers of water protection. This backpack is ideal for schoolchildren and students who carry a lot of notebooks and books.

There is also a laptop compartment. If this is a model with a screen up to 14 inches, then you can get it through the zippered side pocket. The 90FUN Energy College Leisure Backpack is available in five colors.

Price: 2921 rubles.


  1. 90 Pound Lightweight Hiking Backpack

This practical backpack can be folded to the size of a book and taken with you on the road in case you suddenly find more things than you expected. It is designed specifically for clothing, footwear and, for example, sports equipment.

This model weighs only 215 g. Capacity — 20 liters or 10 kg of weight. The flap on the top can be fixed in three different positions that adjust the size of the backpack.

Price: 1131 rubles.


  1. Xiaomi Mi Backpack Urban

If you do not carry a laptop, clothes and A4 documents with you, then for everyday use it is quite possible to consider the Xiaomi Mi Urban compact backpack with one strap. This is the so-called sling or chest pack.

It is designed for the most necessary little things: a wallet, a power bank, glasses, flash drives, pens, and so on. It is also suitable for a small tablet, e-reader, diary or book.

Price: 1261 rubles.


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