Yesterday, Xiaomi officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone Mi Mix 4, and today its disassembly has already been published on the Web. There were some surprises: firstly, as it turned out, the wireless charging power can reach 100 W (officially 50 W), and secondly, there is a high risk of damage to the smartphone during disassembly.

Mi Mix 4 is made in a ceramic case, but between the display and the case there is a thin «layer» in the form of a metal frame on which the antennas are displayed — it is easy to damage during disassembly. And you also can not do without heating the case, but this is standard procedure for most modern smartphones.

The motherboard of Mi Mix 4 is made according to the type of sandwich. In the upper part of the smartphone case there is a single-chip system, the main camera modules, a UWB communication module, and memory chips. In the middle part there is a wireless charging coil and an NFC adapter, a rechargeable battery consisting of two cells. At the bottom of the case there is a loudspeaker, a vibration motor, a USB port (some components are located on the daughter board).

LPDDR5 memory is dialed with Samsung chips, flash memory is dialed with SK Hynix chips. The battery supplier is Dongguan New Energy Company, speakers and microphones are AAC technologies. If you look at the screen through the light, you can easily see the holes for the passage of light to the camera sensor (round in the center) and backlight (rectangular). The third under-screen sensor on the Mi Mix 4 is the fingerprint scanner. And another light sensor is located on the rear panel.