It seemed that smartphones with a completely new (third generation) under-screen camera would already be able to compete on equal terms with conventional models, but judging by how events are developing, this is not the case. Yesterday, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold3 with an under-screen camera, and in the first tests it was not impressed with the quality of the pictures, and now the vice president of Xiaomi has said about the same thing about the Mi Mix 4, which also received an under-screen camera. The company uses the abbreviation CUP (Camera Under Panel) for its designation.

William Lu recommended that users who want to take the highest quality selfies buy phones with built-in front cameras. That is, not Mi Mix 4. This smartphone is for those who are primarily concerned about the screen and the absence of various annoying elements on it. At the same time, Xiaomi’s vice president assured that companies are doing their best and under-screen camera technology is rapidly improving. But at the moment they cannot provide the quality of images and videos comparable to the quality of photos and images from a conventional camera.