The Chinese company Xiaomi made an unexpected release — the company showed a robot dog. The new gadget is called CyberDog and will be released in a limited edition, writes The Verge.

Photo: Xiaomi

  • The company itself said that the main buyers of CyberDog are fans of the brand, as well as engineers and robotics enthusiasts. Especially for them, the robot dog has additional connectors that allow you to customize the device: for example, you can add lidars, cameras, etc. Xiaomi also added that CyberDog is an open project and the current version was only released to see what technology enthusiasts can do with the gadget and in what direction they take it.
  • Engadget writes that the company’s new project is a demonstration of the brand’s capabilities and all the technological power of Xiaomi. Details about other developments in the field of robots are not yet available, as well as data on whether a second batch will be released to the market and at what price.

Recall that Hyundai bought 80% of robot maker Boston Dynamics. The company’s valuation is $1.1 billion. The company now has two commercial robots, the Spot Robot Dog and the Stretch Robot, which is designed for heavy-duty jobs in warehouse centers. However, the price of the latter is not yet known, the Stretch debut is scheduled for 2022.