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At the beginning of the summer, Xiaomi was in second place, losing the lead to Samsung. But in just a month, the smartphone market has changed, and the Chinese manufacturer has come out on top in the world. In Ukraine, users also prefer Xiaomi. Editorial board of MK. Today we will tell you the details.

What happened

For the first time, the Chinese company Xiaomi has become the leader in smartphone sales worldwide. This was told by the research company Counterpoint. In just one month, the company increased sales by 26%, making it the fastest growing company. Xiaomi’s global sales share was 17.1%. This is even more than Samsung and Apple — 15.7% and 14.3%, respectively.

Why did this happen

Research director Tarun Patak noted that the situation was affected by the fact that sales of Huawei smartphones have decreased due to restrictions. Therefore, users are switching to Xiaomi. The Vietnam pandemic has also affected Samsung production.

«Xiaomi may not stay in first place when Samsung production is restored,» the company wrote.

Xiaomi-Ukrainian leader

According to Canalys, in the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi remains the leader in the Ukrainian smartphone market. Xiaomi’s market share in Ukraine is 46%, and annual shipments have increased by 32%. Xiaomi took first place in Europe for the first time with a market share of 28%, while smartphone shipments grew by 77% compared to last year.

Xiaomi took first place in Central and Eastern Europe with a market share of 36%, while smartphone shipments grew by 82% last year. The company ranks first in Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Belarus, Croatia, Slovakia and Lithuania.

What happened before

Last month, according to the data, the company was in second place behind Samsung. Then the leader occupied 19% of the smartphone market, when Xiaomi had 17%, and Apple had 14%.

Canalys research manager Ben Stanton said that Xiaomi smartphones are 40% cheaper than Samsung and 75% cheaper than Apple.
The report says that the company’s shipments grew by more than 300% in Latin America, by 150% in Africa and by 50% in Western Europe.