Xiaomi Mi 11 is the world’s first Snapdragon 888-based smartphone. At the presentation, the company focused not only on SoC, but also on support for the updated Wi-Fi 6 standard. However, this was one of the flagship’s biggest problems.

The first buyers immediately began to complain about the work of the Wi-Fi module. Some users were unable to connect to the hotspot, while others were unable to use their smartphone as a modem.

The company responded to the problem only now, more than six months after the start of sales. Apparently, the malfunction is still of a hardware nature. Such conclusions can be reached after Xiaomi’s official statement, according to which it will replace all Xiaomi Mi 11 with non-working Wi-Fi modules with new smartphones. If the problem was in the software, then an update would have been released long ago to fix it.

So far, the news is relevant for China. Regional representative offices of the company did not give any official statements on this matter.

Source: ITHome

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