According to Counterpoint, Xiaomi overtook Samsung for the first time in history to become the world’s largest smartphone maker by sales in June 2021. The Korean company has been a leader in the market for many years, but Xiaomi is gradually taking away its share from it.

If we consider the data for the entire second quarter of 2021, then Samsung still retained its leadership. However, Xiaomi shipped 17.1 percent of the world’s smartphones in June. It is followed by Samsung with a market share of 15.7 percent and Apple with 14.3 percent. According to the report, Xiaomi showed a growth of 26% compared to the previous month. It is assumed that the loss of Samsung’s position is due to the limited supply caused by the shortage. Counterpoint suggests that Samsung will regain the lead when the issues are resolved.

Analysts point out that Huawei’s downturn caused by US sanctions has also contributed to Xiaomi’s growth. Since its debut in 2011, the company has sold over 800 million smartphones and built up an army of fans. For several years, Xiaomi has been the leader in India, and in the second quarter it became the leader in the European market.