The new flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has begun to receive an update, and with it an advanced power saving mode.

How it works?

V.RKACNXM firmware adds a new power saving mode that extends battery life up to 14 days. However, for this you will have to sacrifice many features.

It works with the help of an additional smartphone screen, which is located on the back panel, next to the main camera. When the super power saving mode is activated, the main display turns off and only the secondary one works. It displays the time and incoming calls, and you can also dial pre-selected contacts.

One charge should last up to two weeks, but the manufacturer specifies that this time actually depends on many different factors and can be different. Nevertheless, this is a useful ability if you have been left without the benefits of civilization for a long time or are planning a long trip without the ability to recharge your gadget.

We hope that Xiaomi will not restrict this mode to the Chinese version of the smartphone, and the update will be available in the global market soon.

Source: Gizmochina