Smartphone fast charging technology has undergone various changes in recent years due to technological breakthroughs — these improvements have also made wireless charging faster and more relevant in the market, but Xiaomi is clearly working to make this technology even better, especially for foldable smartphones. The Chinese technology giant filed a patent application titled «Wireless charging method and apparatus, folding screen electronic equipment, storage media» as early as January 8, 2020. Now this patent has been issued with the publication number CN113098152A which has been found on CNIPA. While the patent doesn’t reveal any specifics about the fast charging technology and doesn’t include images of a specific device, it does describe how the fast charging technology will work on foldable phones.

Interestingly, the foldable phone supports wireless charging from either half of the back. So, no matter if the device is folded or which side you put it on, the device will still support wireless charging even if only one half is in contact with the station stand. But keep in mind that this is still just a patent, and we have no way of confirming whether Xiaomi is actually working on such technology or just obtaining a patent to then receive payments from those who will use this technology in their future products after release. .

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