According to the latest data, the new flagship smartphone of the Xiaomi Mi Mix series will be released in the third quarter of this year, and its presentation may take place as early as July.

A well-known insider under the nickname Digital Chat Station reported that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone has the code name Odin. In Norse mythology, Odin is the supreme god, the lord of Valhalla and the lord of the Valkyries.

Earlier it was reported that the new gaming smartphone Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition, which is already on sale, is codenamed Ares. In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war and one of the twelve Olympian gods.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone should be based on the Snapdragon 888+ single-chip system and equipped with two stereo speakers and NFC. The housing must comply with the IP68 protection class. Recently, the device has already passed the 3C certification, which confirmed that the smartphone is equipped with two 2430 mAh batteries. There is no information about the main camera yet, but it is known that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 should support fast 120-watt wired and 70-watt wireless charging. Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be the first smartphone with the new proprietary MIUI 13 firmware, which will completely fix the current problems of MIUI 12.5 and bring more functional updates.

Previously, Digital Chat Station was the first to accurately report the characteristics and release dates of Redmi K30 and Xiaomi Mi 10, and also regularly publishes information received from its own informants in the research and development departments of various companies.