Recently, a well-known network digital chat station posted information about new Xiaomi products on the Chinese social network Weibo. It turned out that the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the People’s Republic of China certified a new advanced smartphone and tablet from a Chinese company.

Judging by the published documents, the smartphone has passed radio frequency certification and will be equipped with a UWB module. The corresponding technology was first used in the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and is still being integrated into flagship solutions. The technology allows data to be transmitted without signal overlap, providing high data transfer rates with low power consumption.

In addition, UWB is used in the Internet of Things ecosystem. In particular, it is used by Apple and Samsung keyfob search trackers for more accurate positioning. Until now, there are quite a few models of smartphones with UWB on sale. Perhaps, along with the new product, Xiaomi will also introduce its own trackers for finding things.

As for the Mi Pad 5 tablet, the source said that it has also passed the radio certification, and the model, codenamed M2105K81C, will be one of Xiaomi’s next-generation 5G-enabled tablets. Earlier it was reported that the base model will be built on the MediaTek Dimension 1200 platform, and the Pro version will receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. However, there is no reliable information about the models and manufacturers of the chipsets used.