While Apple makes the most popular smartphones in the world, the best accessories for them come from third-party manufacturers. Removable lenses, external flashes, battery cases, wireless charging stations and many other things that Apple either can’t do or just aren’t in the mood to design and then stream. Be that as it may, but without all the body kit that third-party manufacturers produce, the iPhone would not be half as interesting. Xiaomi decided to prove it once again.

The cooler is needed not only for computers, but also for the iPhone
«Xiaomi launched its analogue AirPower with 19 coils»

Xiaomi introduced the world’s first detachable cooler for the iPhone 12. It is produced under the company’s Black Shark gaming brand and is attached to the smartphone using MagSafe magnets. That is, simply attach the cooler to the iPhone’s back cover as it grips, without the need for additional fasteners.

Why do I need a cooler

Cooler from Black Shark should overclock the iPhone 12

In the photos, the cooler looks much larger than it should actually be. Its thickness is only 22mm and its diameter is 62mm. Therefore, in practice, it should be somewhat more compact. The total weight of the device is 73 grams, which is not so little. After all, when assembled, the entire installation will weigh more than 200 grams.

The purpose of the Black Shark cooler for iPhone 12 is to effectively remove heat from the back cover that gets hot during gaming. Thus, Xiaomi engineers expect to further increase the performance of the iPhone, turning it into a more powerful gaming smartphone than it really is.

«Xiaomi made a zippered powerbank specifically for the iPhone»

It’s actually a pretty sound idea. The fact is that it is the lack of effective cooling that prevents devices from developing greater performance than they could. This proves the experience of the MacBook Pro, which is equipped with the same processor as the MacBook Air, but has more processing power due to the presence of a cooler.

Under heavy loads, the processor, including the one that comes with the iPhone, generates a lot of power and experiences heat. So that it does not harm itself and does not damage neighboring components of the device, the manufacturer uses a throttling mechanism.

How to overclock iPhone

It will be great if the Black Shark cooler goes on sale this year

This is necessary to force the clock speed of the chip to drop when it reaches a certain temperature, resulting in a shedding of processing power. The cooler allows you to delay this moment, and the processor runs longer at maximum power.

Buy cooler for iPhone

It’s hard to say exactly how efficient Xiaomi’s cooler is because it’s not officially on sale yet. But here is a copy for sale. However, the fact that active cooling is, in principle, capable of overclocking the iPhone is undeniable. Few people know that Apple itself wanted to release something similar.

«Apple, how so? Xiaomi showed wireless charging at a distance»

The company even had a patent in which it described a case with a built-in cooler that effectively removed heat from the back of the iPhone, thereby contributing to its overclocking. However, apparently, the matter did not go beyond the patent, so we will not know how effective Apple’s solution would be. Be it Xiaomi.

Even though Xiaomi has not yet announced the price or official release date of its iPhone 12 cooler, it is clear that the company is confident in the effectiveness of its new product. And, if it shows its effectiveness in overclocking the A14 Bionic processor, most likely, other similar solutions will begin to appear on the market.