According to Chinese sources, Xiaomi is recruiting new people as it plans to reorganize its chip manufacturing team to get back into the market.

A person familiar with the matter says that Xiaomi’s goal is to produce single-chip systems for mobile phones, however, the next chip to be released by the company may not be related to phones.

The Chinese company released the Surge S1 single-chip system in 2017, and it is the only mobile smartphone platform released by the company so far. The company recently released the Surge C1 image processor, which is used in the Xiaomi Mix Fold.

Xiaomi established a subsidiary, Beijing Songguo Electronics, in 2014 to enter the chip manufacturing market. After the launch of the Surge S1 in 2017, there was no news about the division for a long time. However, Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, recently stated that despite the setbacks, the development of single-chip systems will continue.