According to the source, Xiaomi will equip its promising flagship Mi 12 with a qualitatively new display based on an OLED panel made using LTPO technology. This screen is expected to make its debut in Apple smartphones a little earlier — at least the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The production cycle of a smartphone, especially the flagship (which is Mi 12), takes a year, but prototypes appear already six months before the premiere. That is, Xiaomi is already actively testing Mi 12 prototypes, and this is probably where the rumors come from. It is said that the smartphone will receive a screen made using LTPO technology with an adaptive screen refresh rate that can vary from 1 to 120 Hz in 1 Hz steps. LTPO screens also differ from panels made using LTPS technology with faster response times and lower power consumption.

Xiaomi Mi 12 is also credited with the very fast hyper-charge charging announced by Xiaomi ten days ago. It allows you to transfer 200 watts of power over the wire and 120 watts wirelessly.