The second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, ethereum (Ethereum), like the entire digital asset market, is now under pressure from conservationists due to the huge consumption of electricity required to maintain the functionality of digital coin blockchain networks. Against the backdrop of a critical market drop (capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

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Google plans to introduce the first commercial quantum computer in 2029

One of the world’s leading developers of quantum computers, Google Corporation has announced its plans to introduce the first «useful» commercial quantum computer in 2029. The company’s plans were revealed by Hartmut Neven, a top Google scientist who oversees the company’s quantum AI program. A new camp has recently opened in California.

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Voyager 1 captures the hum of plasma in the void of space

Almost 44 years ago, in September 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 space probe, which today, having completed the main task of studying Jupiter and Saturn, continues to deliver scientific information, being already outside the solar system.

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The Zhuzhong rover sent the first photos from Mars to Earth (3 photos)

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has released the first photos taken by the front and back cameras of the Zhuzhong rover. The images show that the rover successfully deployed the solar panel and communication antenna.


China Adopts Rapid Battery Replacement Standard for Electric Vehicles (Video)

The Chinese regulator approved the first national standard regulating the process of quick battery replacement in electric vehicles. To date, the replacement of batteries, according to manufacturers of electric vehicles, is unprofitable. Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities believe that this method can be used in the future.


Xiaomi expands its range of small electrical kitchen appliances and introduces another modification of the HuoHou Electric Meat Grinder, the Electric Adjustable Spice Grinder.

The working mechanism in the HuoHou electric grinder is made of ceramic, while the cylindrical body with a diameter of 51.5mm and a height of 157mm is made of plastic. Ceramic millstones are driven by an electric motor that generates a torque of 7 Nm.

Autonomous operation of the HuoHou electric grinder is provided by 6 AAA finger batteries. There are 5 adjustment modes that allow you to work with seasonings, spices, salt and other products. The manufacturer guarantees 6000 cycles of operation of the electric mill. On AliExpress, the HuoHou electric grinder, available in white or black, can be purchased for $20.

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