«Mail UA» is a new postal service that is being launched in Ukraine. The company does not charge any cash on delivery fees when a customer places an order in the online store and promises fast delivery. The first branches will be opened in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa and Lvov.

In an MC.Today partner article, Anton Izotov, CEO of Poshta UA, tells how they are going to promote the brand in six months and teach employees to feel the mood of customers.

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How we realized that Ukraine needs a new delivery service

Anyone who has ever used the services of postal operators can easily name the disadvantages of this area.

Anton Izotov, General Director of Poshta UA

The niche does require a «fresh» product. Everything pointed to this: reviews with complaints on Google maps, conversations of people in different post offices, posts on social networks.

We analyzed all the feedback from people on the team and realized that we can fix the situation and get a really good product. And that in itself will bring brand awareness.

Why should people choose us

The main feature of «Poshta UA» is that it is cheaper, faster, more profitable and more convenient. And convenience cannot be associated with bureaucracy. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal: people will be able to solve problems directly, through management. No toffees while the department waits for orders from above. Management will take care of everything immediately.

We will not write long letters of apologies and unsubscribes, but we will immediately give a solution.

I think people will quickly appreciate it. Let’s also take the fact that «UA Mail» is a service that does not require anything extra. People pay only for the fact that we deliver packages, for transport and logistics. No pitfalls.

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What will UA Mail work with?

The list of services that the market currently charges for is not mandatory. It is artificially created in order for the business to receive additional income.

We at Poshta UA have calculated that the profit from logistics services will be enough to make the company work in profit. We will work on the image and we are sure that later it will bring us more than we have invested. This will give you a loyal audience that will consciously choose us and recommend us to others. This principle has never failed me before.

Our team wants to create a popular brand. And we understand that people need time to appreciate it.

At first, we thought that Poshta UA would be able to gain a foothold in the market in at least six months. We have enough money, nerves and ideas.

Just imagine what a boom in the market will be with the advent of our service. It’s better than any advertisement. The fact that we offer commission-free services and fast shipping is no lure. This is our unique selling proposition and we will always stick to it. This means that the advantage will always be with us. That’s all the benefit for you.

What is our team

Employees of «Mail UA» are very worried before the start, while pleasant fuss reigns in the company. All employees know that people may have doubts about the integrity of the new postal operator. And our guys are trying hard to turn doubts into loyalty to the company.

It helps a lot that people, potential clients are waiting for us. Every day they call us on the hotline, write to our email address. They will find out when we open, what the tariffs will be, in which cities to wait for the first branches.

How will we avoid conflict and rudeness

In order for the service to be at a high level, we create a whole system.

If the score is below five, we will get the details from the people, rather than waiting for things to get worse. We want to fix the shortcomings immediately and really hope that people will help us in this.

Where will our branches be?

At first, the branches will work only in million-plus cities: Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kyiv and Lvov. But throughout Ukraine, delivery from address to address will also work. The courier comes to your home, picks up the package and takes it to the place you specify. He will give it directly to the recipient, even if it is a small village.

Every month we will open new branches: first in large cities, and then in small towns.

How do I see our brand in the future?

We at Poshta UA constantly check how well our strategy, delivery scheme, as well as a professional team and staff are thought out. And with each check, we make sure that we are ready to enter the market.

If people think about the brand, it’s already a success. We want our company to be associated with a friendly brand, and people understand that Poshta UA hears and respects everyone.

If Ukrainians use our services because they want to, and not because they have no choice, then we have successfully launched.

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