Xiaomi has introduced two latest HyperCharge charging technologies. The wired module provides 200W of power while the wireless module provides 120W of power. Both provide charging smartphones and other electronics in minutes.

Xiaomi’s new 200W wired charger can «fill up» a 4000mAh battery in 8 minutes. Wireless hypercharging will charge a similar battery a little longer — within 15 minutes.

The company has long been one of the market leaders in related technologies. The HyperCharge name is already in use by one of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries that make Black Shark gaming smartphones.

The developer has posted a video describing how HyperCharge works on a custom Mi 11 Pro. The smartphone receives 50% of the energy needed for a full charge in three minutes, up to 100% in almost 8 minutes. The same video shows the wireless charging of this smartphone. It takes 1 minute to get 10% battery and seven minutes to get 50%.

While the company does not say exactly when the development will be used in the finished product. According to previous tests by the Android Authority portal, Xiaomi’s 120W wired charger caused the battery to generate a lot of heat during operation and was more suitable for short-term «refueling» smartphones in an emergency than for fully charging the battery. With the 200W option, additional heat can be even more of an issue.