Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Mijia 2C robot vacuum cleaner, which replaced the Xiaomi Mijia 1C model released in October 2019. At the pre-order stage, Xiaomi Mijia 2C can be purchased for $200.

The Xiaomi Mijia 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner has several improvements over its predecessor. It features an improved side brush and a super-dense fiber main brush for better cleaning of corners and floor crevices. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an improved mop, which guarantees a more thorough wet cleaning.

Xiaomi Mijia 2C uses ultra-fine fiber antibacterial flexible wipes, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria for a long time. The robot received an engine with 4 speeds and a suction pressure of 2700 Pa. The dust box has a capacity of 550ml and the electronically controlled water tank has a capacity of 250ml. This is enough for wet cleaning of rooms up to 150 square meters.

The battery capacity of Xiaomi Mijia 2C has been increased from 2700 to 3200 mAh, battery life can reach 110 minutes in standard mode without recharging. The vacuum cleaner interacts with your smartphone, allows you to control the cleaning process in real time, supports voice control and communication with other smart home devices.

The Xiaomi Mijia 2C can currently be ordered in China from the Jingdong website.