Xiaomi is preparing a new flagship smartphone, the screen of which will be completely frameless: it will occupy almost 100% of the body area. This is evidenced by a new patent registered by Xiaomi.

According to ITHome. In addition, the device will have two information display areas, as well as a moving part. At first glance, we are talking about a smartphone with an ambient screen, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which was never released due to its high price. However, this is not quite true.

The idea of ​​this Xiaomi patent is based on the implementation of a continuous flexible display that can move on cylindrical hinges. The camera module will be built into the screen, but thanks to the ability to move it, it can be used both for main shooting and as a selfie camera.

Of course, the fact that a patent has been registered does not mean that Xiaomi will bring this device to the commercial stage. However, it is always interesting to see how companies do not stand still, but look for ways to surprise users.