According to rumors, the premiere of Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet computers was to take place in May, but in early May, a company official said that the premiere of the new Mi Pad is scheduled for the second half of the year, and the company is not going to deviate from the previously designated dates. So the earliest we will see a production Mi Pad 5 is July. But new details about the hardware platforms of these tablets have already appeared on the Web.

It was previously said that there would be three models in the Mi Pad 5 lineup, and the best ones were simply relegated to Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 870 SoC. The Snapdragon 888 is currently unconfirmed, the flagship Mi Pad 5 will use the Snapdragon 870. The middle model will get the Snapdragon 860, but the younger one will not use the latest Snapdragon 768G — it was released exactly a year ago.

Also, these tablets are credited with a stylus and IPS screens — OLED matrices, either there will be no OLED, or it will only go to the top Mi Pad 5. The screen diagonal is also called 11 inches, although the younger Mi Pad 5 display may be smaller. The resolution will be 2560 x 1600 pixels and the frame rate will be 120Hz. The Mi Pad 5 is also credited with supporting 67W charging and an 8520mAh battery.