On AliEpxress, you can now buy an inexpensive and useful Xiaomi device for the kitchen — HuoHou Electric Meat Grinder.

What it is

This is an electric spice grinder or, as it is sometimes called, a meat grinder. The device is made of plastic. It has two colors, dimensions 51.5x157mm and a motor with a torque of more than 7kgf/cm. According to the manufacturer, the gadget is suitable for pepper, coarse salt, cumin, etc. The process of grinding 10 g of spices takes less than 8 minutes. The meat grinder is powered by three AA batteries. Claimed service life is 6000 cycles.


The Xiaomi HuoHou Electric Grinder is now $22, but you can still get a coupon from the seller for a $2 discount.

Do you know that

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