The price has not yet been disclosed, but it will clearly be lower than that of competitors.

Without waiting for the official presentation scheduled for May 26, Xiaomi has revealed the key features of the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro fully wireless headphones. As the name suggests, this is an improved version of the basic AirDots 3.

Judging by the official teasers, the headphones themselves will not change much in appearance, but will resemble the body of the Google Pixel Buds and other models with an elongated body. The case will support not only wired charging via USB-C, but also wireless.

The main feature of the headphones will be support for active noise cancellation (up to 35 dB) with the ability to separate voice from extraneous sounds. There is also a traditional game mode with minimal signal delay. According to this indicator, AirDots 3 Pro can become one of the leaders among models with ANC.

For all its advantages, the new product should be significantly cheaper than its competitors, including the new Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro. Read more June 26th.