The editors of gg found an unusual Xiaomi lamp called Snow Mountain Lamp for you on AliExpress today.

What is known

The device is made of silicone and looks like a mountain with snow. The gadget has three colors, measures 140 mm × 140 mm × 107 mm and boasts multiple brightness levels, as well as a 30 or 60 minute timer. The Snow Mountain lamp is powered by a built-in 900mAh battery. This, according to the company, will last up to 7 days in high light and up to 30 days in low light. The lamp is charged via a USB port. Claimed charging time is 4 hours. The lamp is turned on by pressing the button or pressing the top.

How much does it cost

You can buy Xiaomi Snow Mountain Lamp on AliExpress for $23.

Do you know that

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