The slider of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 smartphone did not receive a continuation — this year there was a large Mi Mix fold with a flexible screen. But this does not mean that the company has abandoned the idea of ​​​​a successor to the Mi Mix 3 — otherwise, why register new patents for a smartphone in a similar case?

However, if the body of the Mi Mix 3 was slid up, the images accompanying the new patent application show the model with the body sliding to the side. And despite the fact that there are three images, the smartphone is, in fact, one, only with different variations of the retractable block: with a multi-module camera, with an additional screen, or with a combination of them. The last option looks the most promising.

The patent registration does not mean the release of such a model soon, but given the presence of Mi Mix 3 in the past, Xiaomi may well offer a new smartphone in a similar sliding body. And it may be labeled Mi Mix 4.