Xiaomi has unveiled the new Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellant 2 fumigator on its pooled funding platform, which should replace last year’s model. Last year’s version differed from the original fumigator with Bluetooth connectivity, and the new model also supports XiaoAI personal assistant voice control and smart home connection.

The device uses a high quality mosquito repellent that lasts 1080 hours before completely evaporating. The built-in fan contributes to the uniform volatilization of the repellent. Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellant 2 can be used for approximately 4.5 months at a rate of 8 hours per day. One such fumigator is suitable for a room of 28 square meters, users can install several devices in different parts of the apartment or house.

You can connect to the device from your smartphone to set a timer or check the remaining amount of repellent. You can also connect it to your smart home system and create scripts to turn it on and off at the same time as other devices.

The device will be available in China for $11, but can be ordered for $9 during the crowdfunding phase.