Xiaomi has launched the new Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner, which is available in China at the pre-booking stage for $387.

The new Mijia Fresh Air air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 3.5kW as well as a rated heating capacity of 4.9kW. The noise level of the indoor unit is only 23db, which means the air conditioner can run all night without disturbing you and your family.

The air conditioner allows you to pass up to 40 cubic meters of air per hour, it is equipped with a four-layer HEPA filter, as well as a display showing the air temperature. Of course, this is a smart home device, so you can create different uses for it, such as programming it to turn on when you open the front door. You can control the air conditioner remotely with your smartphone.

In addition to the function of a conventional air conditioner, Mijia Fresh Air also has a blower function. The manufacturer claims that the air conditioner can effectively purify the air by removing PM2, 5 particles, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.