Xiaomi started out as an online company, but Xiaomi’s strategy was changed a few years ago, and now the company is actively developing the retail sales channel. According to the goal put forward by Xiaomi founder Lu Weibing, the Xiaomi Mi home store should be available in every area of ​​China. At the moment, Xiaomi’s retail network covers 60% of China’s 2,100 counties, and it will have to cover 80% of the counties in the first half of this year. Through such actions, Xiaomi aims to take a larger share in its domestic market, where it ranked third among the smartphone market leaders in the first quarter of 2021 after Vivo and OPPO, and Xiaomi is also fighting for a market segment that is being vacated as a result of Huawei’s sales decline, which previously dominated the Chinese market. At the moment, Xiaomi Mi’s home network has already reached 5,000 retail stores and continues to grow rapidly.