After buying a new smartphone, many users ask a question, for example, which case for Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro should be purchased, what parameters you need to pay attention to, and so on. We decided to give a sufficiently detailed answer to this question so that the user understands what he really should pay attention to. For example, we strongly recommend purchasing a protective coating on the display of the device, since the gadget is suspended by various destructive processes anyway, and scratches or chips will appear on the screen anyway. But this can be avoided for quite reasonable money.

For example, you can easily find a film on sale that will protect the display of the device from various types of damage. This is quite convenient as you can safely carry the device in your pocket and not have to worry about damaging the product. What’s more, film is a more affordable protection option, while you can easily buy screen protector — it costs a little more, of course, but the glass is thicker, so it protects the device better from damage and lasts longer. And, of course, both options after wear and tear can be easily replaced with something more attractive, and even for a reasonable price.

Immediately after purchasing any display screen protector, we recommend that you take a look at another plan of protection — cases. It is also a rather important element of your smartphone, since even with very careful use, various damages may well appear on the device case. Scratches, chips, abrasions and so on will all be on your gadget after six months of active use, so be sure to make sure that the device can look attractive in any of the situations. That’s why they buy cases.

Fortunately, there are a sea of ​​options on the market, so you can easily choose a specific model to your taste and color. This is actually a very handy solution that allows you not to worry about the security of your device in the most active scenarios, and of course you can replace the case if it disappoints you for any reason. For example, if the gadget is badly scratched, beaten or worn out, you simply replace it with something more attractive and continue to wear the gadget every day.