Sometimes active users ask us what accessories for Xiaomi 70mai Saphir Watch (WT1004) should be purchased to make the device happy for a long time, while the user does not spend too much personal money. This is not so easy, especially if the user is not particularly versed in the issue and wants to get advice from experts. Fortunately, we have some experience in this area, and now we will tell you what to look for so that the user knows exactly which accessories he should buy and which can safely be left in the background.

Traditionally, we recommend starting with the purchase of a protective glass, which will allow you not to worry about scratches on the screen of your device. It’s actually a very interesting solution that costs a reasonable amount of money, and best of all, you don’t have to go to a service or a craftsman to put this glass in, as it’s small and literally anyone can install it correctly. To do this, simply wipe the glass of grease so that the glass is firmly glued and no bubbles appear, after which you can use the device in complete comfort.

And when the protective glass is scratched, you simply remove the glass, throw it in the trash can, and install an additional protective element in its place. After installing the protective glass, you should pay attention to additional interchangeable straps, which also cost reasonable money, but at the same time allow you to quite radically change the appearance of your gadget. This is handy if you want to wear a watch to work in the office where bright colors are not entirely appropriate, but you like to work out, walk and want to look more bright and attractive there. In this case, replaceable belts are of great help.

You need to understand that there are a huge number of different accessories on the market for every taste and color — you can find fairly simple and strict straps, or you can choose a fairly bright option for every day. The main thing in this case is not to forget that you should not buy too cheap options, as they have low-quality materials and fasteners that can break after a month of active use. To avoid this, we highly recommend that you take a look at the higher quality mid-range options that are noticeably stronger and look more reliable.