Xiaomi has repeatedly proudly announced the exclusive status of Qualcomm single-chip systems for its models. True, not forever, but temporarily, but nonetheless. This year, for example, it was the case with the Snapdragon 888 and Xiaomi Mi 11. But now, after splitting from Huawei, Honor is ready to take on Xiaomi. The company is preparing an outstanding camera phone Honor 50, which is likely to be as good as Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and will also be one of the first to release a Snapdragon 888 Pro model.

It was Honor Magic 2. But Magic 3 could be completely different

We wrote yesterday about the existence of such a single-chip system. Today’s news, in fact, complements it. Snapdragon 888 Pro really exists, and companies are already preparing a new generation of flagships based on it. One of them is simply Honor. Models on the Snapdragon 888 Pro will only be available in the third quarter, so for now we can only guess which of the Honor smartphones it belongs to. Perhaps we are talking about the top model with a flexible screen — there is an opinion that it will be Honor Magic 3.