Xiaomi has introduced a new two-door refrigerator MIJIA 185L, which was announced along with a large four-door model called MIJIA Cross 496L.

The Xiaomi MIJIA 185L Refrigerator is on pre-order for just $169. It is the largest model in Xiaomi’s two-door refrigerator range, which includes 118, 160 and 170 liter models.

The MIJIA 185L double-door refrigerator is equipped with PCM metal panel, its height is 1518mm and its depth is 525mm. It covers an area of ​​only 0.3 square meters, which makes it suitable for use in small apartments.

The total volume of the refrigerator is 185 liters, including a 127-liter refrigerator compartment and a 58-liter freezer compartment. The refrigerator is equipped with three-level adjustable shelves. The freezer has three drawers.

The refrigerator is very energy efficient as it consumes only about 0.68 kWh of electricity per day. It also has a low operating noise level, which does not exceed 39 dB.