According to online sources, some users of the Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone are faced with the problem of a sudden failure of the device. It turned out that the reason lies in the burnout of the motherboard, which is quite rare in smartphones. The Gizmochina resource writes about this with reference to user messages published on the Weibo network.

The source reports that some owners of Mi 11 left comments about the failure of the device in the account of Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun. In their comments, different users were talking about the same issue related to Mi 11 motherboard burn-in. Unfortunately, the head of the company has not yet responded to users’ comments.

Reports about the mentioned problem are largely similar. Many owners of the device noted that shortly before the device completely fails, the smartphone starts to get very hot. It is assumed that the reason for the burn-in of motherboards lies in the problem with the heat dissipation system, but Xiaomi has not officially confirmed this.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi Mi 11 has become quite a popular smartphone in China. In just 21 days, more than 1 million copies of the smartphone were sold. Since the release of the device, users have complained about various issues such as high power consumption and reduced battery life, as well as occasional overheating of the device. Some users have also noted that 10 minutes after running any game, the Mi 11 gets very hot.

How big this problem will be is still unknown. Official representatives of Xiaomi have so far refrained from commenting on this matter.