Very often, users wonder which accessories for Xiaomi Haylou Solar LS05 should be bought first. Naturally, we immediately recommend buying several replacement straps, since the standard one in this smartwatch looks very unpresentable, and its quality is rather doubtful. A huge number of reviews appeared on the network from users who purchased this watch and simply could not use it due to the fact that the silicone strap negatively affects the user’s skin. For example, some users experience skin irritation, which naturally negatively affects the experience of using the device.

In this case, you do not need to run to the store to return the device, as it is enough to purchase a replacement strap of a different format, which will not cause such a problem. You need to understand that if you have irritation on silicone or some kind of rubber elements, then it is enough to buy a strap made of fabric or metal, from the use of which no irritation will occur. This is actually very convenient and very affordable, as such straps can cost several hundred rubles. Agree, against the background of the cost of the gadget itself, these are quite acceptable expenses, allowing you to wear the device with complete comfort.

We also always recommend that users who have just purchased a smart watch purchase a replacement screen protector. Naturally, you will press the display of your watch every day, wear it under your clothes, because of which small scratches, chips or scuffs may appear on the device display. These damages do not affect the capabilities of your gadget in any way, but looking at a scratched display will definitely be unpleasant for you. And to avoid this problem with minimal cost, it is enough to purchase protective glass.

You can stick it even at home, without using any special equipment or skills, since the size of the glass is quite small. This is not a smartphone when you need to glue a huge layer of glass, get rid of balloons and try to glue this glass evenly. If you spend a small amount of money to replace straps and glass, then your watch will last for many years without any complaints and physical damage to the case. And this is actually extremely important for the user.