Almost all smart device users purchase accessories for Xiaomi Imilab KW66 smart watches, as the gadget has a huge potential for long-term use, and only physical damage can prevent this. The fact is that, despite all the advantages and development of this direction, nothing new has been happening on the smartwatch market for many years. Manufacturers can increase the amount of RAM and internal memory, since in fact the memory chips are very small and fit in even the tiniest smartwatches, but in terms of new features they show almost nothing.

Moreover, this model has absolutely all the necessary sensors that allow you to assess the quality of your health, assess the quality of sleep, track activity and indicate how many calories you have burned over a certain period of time. No additional features will appear in the smartwatch for the foreseeable future, which suggests that it will be possible to use this watch for five years, after which completely new technologies will be introduced, allowing you to move to a new level of wearable electronics.

And to keep your device alive for those five years waiting to be upgraded to a more interesting gadget, you need to buy some fairly cheap and necessary accessories. For example, we highly recommend purchasing a screen protector as it is a great option to protect your display from a lot of scratches and damage. For example, such glass can cost 300 rubles, and you can stick it yourself without resorting to special equipment and without contacting a master. And if that glass gets scratched or damaged through active wear, you just take it off, put another glass in its place.

It’s also highly recommended to take a closer look at the different types of belts that are on sale in a huge number, and they differ from each other in design, performance, strength and, of course, cost. You can choose several options at once, purchase them and actively use the device in everyday life without worrying that your standard bracelet will break or simply look out of place in a certain situation. And the cost of all these accessories is quite low, so they will not hit your pocket.