A new postal service is being launched in Ukraine — «Mail UA». The main advantages of the company are the absence of a commission for cash on delivery and fast delivery to anywhere in Ukraine. The operator will begin to work fully from May 1.

In partner material MC. Today explains exactly how the new postal operator will work and where the first branches of the company will appear.

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What happened

In Ukraine, they launch «Poshta UA». The new postal operator offers parcel delivery and postal services throughout Ukraine. The main office of the company is located on Zverinetskaya, 47, in Kyiv. «Mail UA» will begin to work fully from May 1. The first branches will be opened in Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa and Dnipro.

“The idea of ​​creating a delivery service arose in 2020. During the year, we improved the project taking into account all the dissatisfaction of users: in particular, the loss of parcels during transportation, a long wait for goods, and others,” they say in UA Mail.

The company analyzed the market and came to the conclusion that Ukrainians are interested in a postal operator that does not charge a commission for cash on delivery and provides quality services.

«The familiar image of postal services needs to be restarted: we want to make it clear what we are paying for, and so that the wait for a long-awaited package is not delayed. We want to remind you that the postal service is a brand friend. It is always there, does not ask for much in return and does not seek to deceive,” the Post UA explains. They are positioning the new operator as a people delivery service.

The main advantages of «Poshta UA» are:

  1. No commission for cash on delivery.
  2. Fast delivery: today the parcel is at the post office, and tomorrow at the recipient.
  3. Honest earnings of the service only for well-established logistics.

About the services of the company «Poshta UA»

«Poshta UA» is engaged in domestic transportation throughout the country. The parcel can be delivered both to the address and to the department. You can send it both from the «UA Mail» item, and from a specific address.

The service also plans to develop international flights. The company says that the package can be sent anywhere in the world. They want to deliver the goods abroad by land or by plane — at the request of the sender.

“We do not consider popular delivery a utopia. We have an understanding of how it will work. To do this, you do not need to make a “unique product” or have “strong connections”. It is enough to do it the way it should be,” the company says. Facebook and Instagram page of Poshta UA. You can also contact the postal operator through the call center: 0800 30 21 21.

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