One of the users of the social network Weibo found interesting documents in the TCL database: they mention a 10.95-inch screen designed for some new Xiaomi device. Such a large display is clearly designed for a tablet, and, obviously, this tablet is the Mi Pad 5.

The documents indicate all the key parameters of the screen. So, its dimensions are 235.85 x 147.41 mm, and the diagonal is 10.95 inches. The resolution was 2560 x 1600 pixels, the frame rate was 120 Hz, and the sensor layer polling rate was 240 Hz. An important feature is that the screen supports working with an active pen with Wacom and Microsoft interfaces and with the definition of 4096 degrees of pressure. Various insiders have already talked about most of the Mi Pad 5 screen options and now we have actual confirmation of this. As we know, the liquid crystal screen manufacturer is TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics.

Xiaomi is rumored to have three models in the Mi Pad 5 lineup: two powered by the Snapdragon 870 SoC and one powered by the Snapdragon 860. All of them will feature four speakers, fast charging technology, NFC, and a new mode that mimics the Windows interface. According to the latest data, the premiere of Mi Pad 5 will take place on May 15.